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About Techonza

Techonza is a tech-enabled design company that helps transform businesses for the modern era by delivering beautiful, creative solutions at scale across enterprises large and small with their diverse skill sets including everyday production work to strategic planning in high traffic environments.

Techonza is a professional team with extensive experience in Business Development and Management. We at Creative Solutions believe that technology will be the key to success for companies in the future; we are committed to creating innovative solutions that will help businesses grow and thrive.

Our Mission

At Techonza, we have a mission to meet your business needs. Our increasing numbers of clients are thankful for our innovative ideas that help them in improving their businesses and results!

We’re different from other agencies because it’s not just about what you see here

our success depends on how well incorporate digital marketing into an already hyper-automated process so every part is running smoothly together as one system rather than many disconnected ones which will result in better customer service while also saving time & money by cutting down operating costs significantly over time.

Why Choose Us?

Because, Why take the risk with anyone else?

We’ve heard from businesses who were dissatisfied with the service they were receiving before starting Creative Hub Solutions. Companies that used high-pressure sales tactics and promised the world but didn’t deliver. Companies that were unhelpful to their clients’ needs and wouldn’t take the time to understand what was best for them.

The goal of Softventura is to be a unique kind of business. We have the knowledge and abilities to demonstrate to our clients what they need and why it’s important. We never push you to buy anything you don’t require or force you into a contract before you’ve had time to think about it. We engage with our customers in an advisory role.


We are on a constant outlook for rebels who love to break the norms and instead of going out-of-the-box they have NO BOX at all.

Potential candidates must possess the ability to go beyond the limits while solving problems, a sharp mind, and hunger for growth.

Send your resumes at careers@techonza.com along with a response to the question: WHAT TYPE OF FOOD YOU WOULD BE IF YOU WERE A FOOD?

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